Published 03-10-2019 23:57:41

Theatomheart’s Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts (THEAARBS)

THEAARBS will automatically setup my Arch Linux configuration and workflow.


Many thanks to Luke Smith and his YouTube channel for demonstrating why I should switch to I3.

THEAARBS is directly lifted forked from Luke’s LARBS scripts.

Getting THEAARBS is easy

Open a terminal as root and run the following command:

curl -sSL | bash

Or, since piping to bash is risky, review the script before running it:

curl -LO

What’s inside THEAARBS?

  • Mod key is assigned to the Windows key
  • CAPSLOCK is rebound to ESC (to be vim-friendly)
  • Help available from the status bar or with Mod+F1

Packages (CSV format)

Config files - Mod+F2 opens a handy config menu

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